Got my photography folio online the other day
check it our here.


I wish my cat had thumbs.

Limited time only so get over here to get some!

pre-order this!

pre order this bad boy right here

Cpt. H

Captain Hook - march 18th shipping - order here


Scott Caans got a book out, I would like to get my
skinny hands on one.


Jerome, Adam and I.
Click Adams name for his luxurious blog.


Down a street in Harajuku, Adam and manakin.


JEFFLEVINGSTON.COM from Jeff Levingston on Vimeo.

Working on a new site should be up and running very soon.


I have been in Japan for the last two weeks. First week was spent in
the snow then the second was in Tokyo and Osaka. Amazing places
with amazing people.


All tees are on sale be quick here

Make Your Own !

Last nights dinner was mighty delightful.


There sure are a lot of interview videos with Jeff Staple.
But they are pretty good anyway so watch if your down.

Have you?

Honestly one of the best Australian Tv series ever made. Seems ideas and boundaries are running thin these days compared to Round The Twist


Got 15% off to show some christmas spirit. Get on over to Aton Clothing
Limited time only folks.


ATON CLOTHING from Aton Clothing on Vimeo.

Finally got my store up and running, more products will be coming soon. In the meantime have a look at Aton Clothing and get yourself a nice tee.

eminem is the man. Sorry for the lack in posts over the last few months been blogging at www.heretofamemag.com I also have been working on some personal projects and will post here once it's ready. That's if anyone still reads this.

A new magazine is coming to town.

The best damn movie.

Jerome Afternoon Skate from Jeff Levingston on Vimeo.

A quick clip of Jerome skating, just been playing round filming some stuff lately.

WAVES from Jeff Levingston on Vimeo.

Here's a little clip I put together quite roughly.

Walrus Music blog has the goods get this mixtape here
sneaky and cloudy
Another photo of mine that features on the themagicbus site

Burtons 2010 catalogue, the best concept i've seen for a catalogue.

New movie from i sen seven looks pretty good.

A toy i'm painting.

Best thing I have watched in a while.

Generation AK Teaser from Stephen Dupont on Vimeo.

Saw this whole movie by Stephen Dupont at Semi Permanent pretty moving stuff.
storms a brewing alright
A photo I took yesterday afternoon.

Pieter Hugo do yourself a favour and click his name.

Just stumbled upon this via theworldsbestever. The Johnny Cash Project.

Listen To This!

Fleetwood Mac tape. I've been listening to this alot. I think I was born in the wrong era!
glassy storm
A photo from my last trip overseas.

New issue of Le Boogie = holy fuck!

Call me Tony Hawk I don't give a shit!

Forget Lords Of Dogtown, it's Deathbowl to Downtown.

Time to start putting more of my stuff up. This is a canvas I'm currently working on. I need to finish this before it gets covered in dust sitting in the corner of my room.

Two of the most amazing things.

More iphone photos from the weekend. First one is my viewfinder submissions for 9lives and the second is from sunday afternoon.